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About Us

Mission Statement

To house, feed and nurture persons who are homeless through a network of faith based and community organizations.

Ministry Profile: A Ministry to the Homeless

SHALOM came into existence to offer food and lodging to the homeless of Middletown at a time when it was feared that the city's only homeless shelter would close. SHALOM is an acronymn that stands for Serving the Homeless with Alternate Lodging Of Middletown.

Now entering its eleventh year of ministry SHALOM has become a network of local churches of various denominations that "share their bread with the hungry, and bring the homeless poor into their houses" (Isaiah 58: 7). Each week on a rotating basis, a church in the network provides meals and shelter within their church facilities. A van has been purchased to transport those in need of shelter from a central location to the host church. Guests have an opportunity to shower before dinner, and to relax after dinner in a safe warm environment.

When a new person comes to SHALOM for shelter, a written list of policies is provided so that each guest will know what to expect, and what is expected of them. Each person receives a supply of personal care items and a container for their personal items. Social workers meet weekly to interview and advise each guest on how to apply for assistance that might empower them to become self-sufficient. This assistance may be in the form of medical care, food stamps, clothing, employment or housing. Some guests may require assistance in all of these areas, while others may need only a little encouragement and help to overcome their situations.

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